Why This Time It’s Different…

Why This Time It’s Different…

Why? Because being perfect is over-rated. Because operating from a place of doubt is debilitating. And you can’t build a business on that.

If we try to be perfect, if we have doubt in ourselves, our business, our relationships, our potential… We get taken through a series of massive lessons, learnings and opportunities for growth – call it whatever you like.

These lessons and learnings happen so we will change. And if you are up for the challenge, from this, BIG change occurs.

And when this happens you better buckle up your seat-belt and hold on for the ride, because to shift you from doubt to certainty, serious change has to unfold.

So this time, Inspire and Ignite Live Experience, my 3 day event, is different on so many levels.

It’s not about the hoop-la, or the fanfare.

It’s not about the money you want. It’s not about the perfect vision board. Or the perfect car, boat, house you want with the perfect money you make. It’s not about creating the perfect everything.

This time, even more, it’s about the imperfection of who you are.

It’s about the cracks in your surface that are beckoning to be revealed.

It’s about the miracles you are here to magic up – but you’re not just yet.

It’s about getting to really know what’s keeping you faltering, floundering, and faffing about and instead shining a light on the unresolved parts of you so you can rise up and be fabulous… Even if it’s fabulously imperfect.

It’s about getting to the heart of your money stuff, because how you do anything is how you do everything.

It’s about what you are resisting or not seeing that’s keeping you locked in your insecurity of progress.

It’s about the pieces of the puzzle fitting together so you can get out there and build your business in a way you’ve not had the courage or the confidence to do so.

In less than 2 weeks there will be scores of business owners and awakening seekers whose lives will be different, who will show up in ways that they have been wanting to… For a while.

They will have an awareness about themselves and the work they are here to do and have the courage, the bravery and a deeper understanding of how to be in flow so they can show up with a new kind of resolution to manifesting and creating awesome results in their business.

And they will have a plan for their business that will finally make them feel safe… Feel like they CAN do it… Where the pieces of that puzzle will fit together with way more ease.

I’m done with perfect. Perfect is a myth that creates barriers, blocks and misconception.

But I’m all into certainty.

Come and join a group of Business-Owners-on-a-Mission who are here for different. Who are not ready to settle, but are brave enough to iron out the rough spots so they can have more of a life they love.

Come and play in this new place where life and business gets better even when it’s not perfect.

Where certainty excels.

Where you ‘hear’ what you have needed to ‘hear’ but not been present enough to see.

And for any men that hear the call, you can come to. Facilitating iLAB has shown me that. And so much more…

Inspire and Ignite Event, 3 Day Live Experience.

Auckland: March 19th-21st
Gold Coast: May 7th-9th

With love and magic,

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