Why Falling in Love is Good for Business

catherine1-300x300I’ve just returned from my latest nomadic adventure where I was blessed to have taken myself and my business on the ‘road.’ This latest trip was 7 weeks of travelling around the States, connecting with amazing, like-minded entrepreneurs, seeing fabulous sights and learning valuable lessons and having life-changing experiences… All while living out of my suitcase!

While I had a phenomenal time away, it’s true that I’m thrilled to be back in New Zealand (I’ve finally unpacked my suitcase after ‘living out of it’ for the past 6 months!). There’s something quite magical about that plane ride that has one coming back to the place you love – the place you call home.

It’s a good feeling isn’t it? That feeling you have when you know in your heart that you’re in the right place, on the right path.

It could almost be related to the feeling you have of falling in love…

That’s exactly what happened to me on this trip.

catherine2-282x300I fell in love.

I know what you’re thinking. However… Before we all get too excited and jump up and down and think that maybe, just maybe, Catherine has found her Belovedit’s not QUITE what you may think.

You see, I did fall in love. But not with someone. With someTHING.

I fell in love with my business.

Deeply, madly, passionately.

To the point where I realise that I have been put on this planet to get a job done. “To empower women entrepreneurs globally to have the confidence and belief that they CAN step into their potential and making great money for their transformational work.”

I had so many examples along my travels of how what I do impacts women entrepreneurs… And I had so many other successful entrepreneurs peek inside my business and remind me of what I am here for. It was like the Universe was putting everyone and everything in my place to shine the light on the gifts that I am here to deliver.

I even won a Done-For-You-Podcast Show that I would never have entered if I had not been in the States, around the right people at the right time.

And so, I fell in LOVE.

I stopped seeing my business as something that is outside of me, and began to see how it’s actually a deeply integrated part of ME, of who I am.

catherine3-300x225I stopped seeing my business as something that I have to do, and began to see that it’s who I AM.
My business has a Soul, a Heart, an Essence. And the best thing I can do, is to let her breathe. Listen to her heart-beat. See that she has a pulse. Let her share her message. Let her take a more active leadership role. Let her lead by example. To do what feels good.

And the more I fell in love with her (my business) the more I wanted to step up and into my potential.

When the moment hit me, that I was in love with my business, the feelings of love were almost overwhelming.

Suddenly I felt deeply connected to her, and wanted to do the right thing by her. To not let her down. To share this love.

What I know to be true is that the very act of allowing yourself to fall in love with your business is immensely powerful.

Want to fall in love with YOUR business? Here’s what I did. Follow these simple steps and watch your feeling for your business blossom and change.

  1. You need to get ‘in the zone.’ To do that, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths until you feel yourself relax. Then allow yourself to remember the last time you fell in love, or the last loving feeling you had. Remember what that felt like have that warm, gorgeous feeling.
  2. Now in your mind’s eye,  ‘see’ the way your business helps your ideal audience. ‘See’ the way you are making a difference. Feel the warmth your clients feel for you when you transform their lives. Feel their gratitude and their love for you.
  3. Let that feeling of love integrate into every part of your body. Get excited about how this love you are feeling for your business is helping you and your audience. (Love is an attracting vibration after all!).
  4. Give yourself permission to keep that love alive by asking yourself the question, “What would love do now?” Then write down the 3 action steps you are being ‘guided’ towards doing.

My greatest wish for you is that you fall in love with your business too. Falling in love is great for a business. Yours.

If you are a woman entrepreneur and you need help falling in love with your business all over again and work on your Money Mindset, click here to make a time to talk with one of my Master Coaches (whom you will LOVE!). They’ve been trained by me, they know what it takes to fall in love with their business and they can help you fall in love with yours.


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