Why Can’t I Manifest Money?

answers_sign-300x200I sent out a survey recently asking one simple question. “As a woman entrepreneur what is it you most want to know about manifesting money in your business?”

One of the questions that came back was so simple, yet so gut-wrenching.

The question that came up repeatedly was “Why can’t I?”

Each and every woman entrepreneur I’ve ever worked with has asked herself this question at some point in her career. This can leave her stuck, frustrated and constantly overwhelmed in her pursuit of success.

Many well-meaning, passionate women have all the right ideas and no shortage of ability or talent – but when it comes to profiting from their transformational work they feel perpetually trapped causing them to barely get by.

The ‘struggling’ entrepreneurs belief system causes them to work way harder than they need to, make poor choices, procrastinate endlessly on important tasks, and worry about money – and to fret if they are even on the right path.

In contrast, successful entrepreneurs, who ARE making great money in their business doing what they love, have a set of beliefs that cause them to be willing to do the right things at the right time to achieve that next level of success.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. It’s not really something new. Our thinking affects our results right? Well what if I told you, I think it goes deeper than JUST your belief system, just your thoughts?

Your ability to make great money from your transformational work is largely affected by…timing. Divine timing.

You set about trying to make money from this passion of yours. You study, train, learn, and bust yourself networking, speaking, attending expos, events and conferences. You schmooze, and connect and mingle. You create products, packages and offers. And along the way what unfolds is a series of what could be deemed as lessons – and often very frustrating ones.

Mostly these lessons are challenges, obstacles or set-backs that are put in your path to help you (although when you are in the midst of them, they hardly feel like they are helping!!!). And every time you ‘pass’ one of these ‘tests’ something changes and you become more determined, more confident in your message and believe more in your ability to help people, little by little. (If only the rest of the world could see it you may be thinking to yourself when you are in the midst of that!).

At some point along this journey, a lightbulb goes off, and the penny drops. You ‘get’ the lessons, you ‘see’ the fastest path to cash and you develop an inner knowing that you have what it takes to make great money.

Then as if by magic, doors open. Opportunities fall on your lap. Clients are attracted to you. You confidently ask for the sale. You are in your genius.

What happens then? Your vibration raises. Your frequency resonances higher. You ‘feel’ better. The tap is turned on. It’s time now. Divine timing has set all the wheels in motion to allow you to feel abundant, empowered and in the flow.

In this ‘state’ you become a magnet. You switch on the money manifesting pipeline.

All you had to do was be patient, persistent and pro-active.

To learn more about HOW to do this stay tuned for my upcoming podcast show, launching July 2nd. I super excited to be using this platform to help women entrepreneurs just like you who are  READY to make great money in their business doing what they love!

In the meantime, join the conversation on my Facebook page. I’ll see you there! xxx

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