What Was Your Biggest Chance for Growth? Here’s Mine…

mastermind-groupemail-imageIf you were to ask yourself what your biggest chance for growth, your biggest ‘teacher’ was in 2015, what would your answer be?

When I got asked this question, and I thought of all that I have experienced this year, I saw that every area of growth and my biggest teacher has been around the feeling of… Love.

Love for myself.

Love for my business.

Love for others.

Love for what I do.

Love the process (even though it can suck sometimes).

In the words of OprahOprah (who I’m off to see later today!) “What I know to be true is”… That when our focus is on Love we act, think and feel differently. We feel different. We don’t let fear get us down. We don’t get caught in the drama or the chaos. We see evidence around us that everything is in its flow. We allow, trust and accept.

So if I love what I do, love the experiences I am having, love the way life keeps giving me surprises, then I have nothing to fear. Obvious you might say, but we do need reminding!

What I can see has been happening for me is that as I question my deep beliefs about how life and business should be, I have been calling up the lessons at warp speed (think ‘The Matrix!’) to see what is valid for me.

60 MinutesAnd I’ve been getting evidence. Like being invited to be on the 60 minutes show this month in a segment that featured Tim Ferris and Natalie Sisson, amongst others.

If you missed it, you can watch our segment here.

Along the journey of creating my ideal business and life this year, as I looked at belief’s that came up (it’s not supposed to be this hard… I don’t like how it feels like I’m pushing… this feels out of alignment) then I saw them for the ‘story’ they were and chose to let go of any of them and in the process free myself to create a life and a business that IS truly magical; one without beliefs or paradigms that  my ‘ego mind’ has tried to manipulate me into thinking are true, yet are fear-based.

If you want to create a life and a business that IS truly magical, and get out of the ‘story’ I suggest you Start here.

And hence we get to piece together the perfectly timed reminder that if we allow ourselves to continue to ‘do the inner work,’ to let go of the beliefs that keep you ‘in fear’ and in turn focusing on the essence/feeling you want to experience, your true love-based (not fear-based) creations will eventually manifest.

And this is a process I must continue to experience so I can shift, change, grow and expand because the only constant in life is change and nothing remains the same.

It is a process we must ALL continue to experience, and one that I feel so strongly about that it’s a BIG part of the work I do with my clients. I love nothing more than helping clients to shift, change, grow and expand in their thinking around their business, their marketing, their sales and around themselves.

I’ve opened up some spaces to connect with you if you are truly READY for your business growth to take you to the next level. Click here to make a time.

So what I learnt most significantly in 2015 is this (and if I was to turn it into a teaching for you)…

…Think of the biggest challenge you are dealing with, and are yet to solve. Think of the thing that you fear the most. Do so with courage, allow yourself to ‘see it’ and then release it, let it go. Let the fear be transformed by your willingness to Trust. Tell yourself “I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I know it will all work out.” This is the simplest form of Trust one can do.

I realised that the more I set my intentions on how I want to experience life, things become aligned, which creates the form. I realised that letting go of results or how I wish it would be and allow Divine Providence to lead, delivered the greatest outcome.

I’ve learnt and am learning that you don’t have to be detailed; just get in touch with the feeling that makes your heart soar.  The less we actually look for results to prove something is working the better. We could certainly learn from a child who plays and dreams without conditions, without expectations. As we let go a little of any seriousness, we loosen our grip on fear.

And so, as I finish this letter to you, I’m wondering if any of this message was for you too. I am interested to hear if it is. Hit reply and tell me your biggest learning in 2015. I’d love to hear how this massive year has affected you too.

As I re-read over this email, I feel the finishing touch on it is this: May we each live in the potential of our greatest self, trusting in the process that we are walking our own Divinely Designed Path. 

Have a potentially awesome day! I know I am. I’ll be in the feeling that makes my heart soar – I’m meeting Oprah today. A dream come true!

With Joy and Laughter

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