What to Do to Release Patterns and Heal your Business

I put a post up on my Facebook page this morning about the Full Moon, and its significance for us at this time to release what isn’t serving us. This Full Moon is a time for great karmic healing (you may have been feeling/noticing the shifts over the past couple of weeks) where we are seeing chapters completing and things that no longer serve us are being released to drop away and instead call us to be in our truth.

I had a number of clients ask me how I would go about releasing these karmic patterns and begin to heal them, and get clear about what needs to shift and what they want to bring in.

It compelled me to share this with you… My own intention for the Full Moon.

Please feel free to use it, to amend it and to allow it to be a template for you to use in the next 24-48 hours… My gift to you…

Full Moon Releasing and Intention Script:

“As the Full Moon graces us with her fullness, I open myself up to taking my path of purpose to new levels.

I acknowledge that old patterns and fears don’t serve me. I see it. I am aware of it.

By the force of grace I release any energy of contraction or fear back to the Universe for the greatest good to be transformed into my truth.

I allow myself to step into this role I have chosen, that when I’m living it, makes me feel more alive than I’ve ever known. Where my heart is ready to burst.

More than anything I want to be able to serve in new ways.

In ways that truly makes a difference. That resonates with me… With my tribe… In a way that juices our Souls.

To hear the voice that’s in my heart, calling me to speak up. To rise up. To own up. To not mute that call that my heart gives me.

I am fiercely and deeply connected to my purpose, with a passion and a consciousness that wells up within me.

I yearn to create experiences for those I am here to serve that will have them find this driving deepness within them too… Like the experiences I am gifted with because I live my purpose.

I am a multi-dimensional business speaker, trainer, mentor, leader.

I create change from the inside out. It’s always about what’s inside. Meet that fully then your business can thrive.

I make you show up for who you truly are… For what you are here to do… For making your business viable and valued.

I show up to guide you to a clear direction of where you are going and remind you to let go of expectations as you build your baby.

I show up to bring you so aligned with your why, your mission that you will have no doubt why you are here.

I show up to remind you what’s possible. That you can have a business and a life that fully supports your dream of being free, happy, loved…

I don’t tell you.

I don’t coach you.

I don’t push you.

I remind you.

I guide you. I bring you back into your knowing. To your brilliance. To your magnificence.

Because along the way you forgot.

So let’s undo this forgetting. Let’s have you unbecome so you can you be who you are truly here to be…whatever needs to be unbecome.

To do this… I ask my Divine Source to guide me, to show me, to be with me as I turn on my light to guide others. Not because I know it all, but because I know enough. I ask that you allow me to be the magnet for others greatness. Toward my soul’s calling.

I am open to the magic and miracles, the timing, the rewards, the money and the flow that unfolds. As of now.

I am your humble servant.”

Use this to set your intention to, and to make a pledge to the Universe for your mission, your calling. Take a moment to light a candle and speak your statement out loud. And as it is written in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill… “Read your written statement morning and night, seeing and feeling yourself already in possession of the riches you desire. Call in your BURNING DESIRE for what you want so keenly that you will have no difficulty in convincing yourself that you will acquire it.”

Add to this the amount of money you wish you make, generate, create or attract and you have a powerful statement.

Next steps:

Join other like-minded Business-Women-On-A-Mission on a FREE 30 day challenge where we will spend 10-30 minutes a day working on YOUR business, re-writing, releasing, reminding and revitalizing your passion, your purpose and your prosperity.

Join us here! Remember it’s FREE! And it starts on August 1st so you’ve got plenty of time to clear your calendar and be ready for a new cycle of change in YOUR business.

Happy Full Moon!

With love and magic,


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