What it takes to Launch… Straight from those who have done it!

aaca6c63-7d5b-4bc9-b721-ce39ad973eccOver the past year, I have witnessed some business building methods that would have blown your mind if you’d seen them too. It’s information that you as a business owner (or a wanna-be!) could really benefit from.

These successful business owners are launching and expanding their businesses at a huge rate of knots and the wisdom and learning I’ve received from watching them launch has been epic.

Catherine and JodyWith these business owners, I’ve been actually living with them. Now this might seem a little odd and random…but as part of my year of travel, research and being a lifestyle entrepreneur I’ve got to live amongst some pretty amazing people. It has been such an eye-opening experience! Two of them being Natalie Sisson and Jody Jelas as pictured here with me. I have put what I’ve observed into practice into my business, with my launches and now appreciate even more fully what it takes to launch. As I write this Jody is launching her Online TV Pro and Natalie is launching her game-changing program The Freedom Plan. If you want to model a successful launch (in fact TWO successful launches) I HIGHLY suggest you sign up and watch how these ladies do it. They are masters.
Natalie - The Freedom Plan           Your online tv show
I quizzed these high-achieving Business-Women-On-A-Mission recently on their top tips they could advise you on launching your program, product or training. Here’s what they had to say…
  • Be prepared. It takes a heck a lot more than you actually realise.
  • Have a launch plan and be constantly referring to it and tweaking it.
  • Get the plan from someone whose done it successfully. There are a lot of details in a launch.
  • Checklists and email swipe files that have all already been created are like gold to you!
  • Do your numbers. Create an excel spreadsheet and track your revenue projection. (Both of them were consistently disciplined with this).
  • Have a why for creating this revenue and make it big. For Natalie and Jody one of their why’s was buying a house. That’s a big goal and will be a great driver.
  • Set your revenue and reach simple goals early on and then everything falls in to make it happen because you get in flow i.e getting partners on board to help you promote it.
  • You must set a deadline before your launch date. Tell people it’s a day later, just to cover your back. Often there will be a lot of ‘broken things’ in the online sequence and you need an extra day at least to fix those. (As I write this Jody is sitting at the desk beside me working with her team ‘fixing’ broken things in her email sequence!).
  • Get people you trust to test the sequence and go through it to see if it works, if emails are landing in your inbox, if it’s all working.
  • Include bonuses. Bonuses make people act. Make the bonuses really compelling so the bonuses alone could make them act.
  • Have a great team around you. A really great team who can help you with the detail. Things WILL go wrong and you will need support.
  • Do your best to still maintain freedom, making time to exercise and have fun.
  • Minimise distractions. Message your team on Skype not Facebook so that’s one avenue not to distract you!
  • Commit to dedicating yourself to the launch and go all in. Trust that you DO have a fully dedicated bone in your body and use it!
  • The more you work with a team and prep in advance the better it will flow. If need be get a project manager to assist you.
  • What you CAN earn becomes the incentive. But then you get to see how many people you can help.
  • Cook up a storm before you start launching so you have supplies in the fridge/freezer – or enlist others around you to cook for you if cooking isn’t your thing!
  • If you get invited to be a promotion partner or interview someone who is launching get all over it! You’ll learn so much and they will appreciate your support.

There are so many more tips we could give you but I hope this gives you some scope on what to expect when it comes to launching your next program, training or product.

Truth be told, when you do it on the scale these ladies have done it IS a big job, but from what I have observed, you do a launch like this well and you’ll only need to do it for 6-8 weeks twice a year. The rest of the year you can focus on what comes easily to you! That’s a good incentive right?!!

Happy launching! I’m off to have a meeting with my project manager who is fantastic at organising and driving projects to fantastic outcomes. I’m certainly not doing it on my own!

Love Catherine xxx 

PS: To learn from Jody in person come and join us at Inspire and Ignite. She is coming to talk to you about her launch and I KNOW it will change the way you show up in your business…and in your life. Grab your ticket now My project manger will be there too and she’ll have loads of tips for you too – and a swipe file of two! (Pure gold!!).

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