What Could I Have Been Afraid Of?

Dear Tribe,

Time has passed since I first set out in this epic journey of starting my business, l have evolved immensely, my consciousness has been raised, my awareness has expanded. The result? I am no longer afraid.

The tipping point has shifted.

But what might I have been afraid of?

Afraid of my own greatness. My brilliance. The brilliance that I kept promising myself I would shine. Of what I might actually manifest if truly got out of my own way, and let my Soul drive this
journey…instead of the ego getting in the way.

Why would I be afraid?

I’m like you. No different really. I have my fair share of doubts, fears, hesitations, judgements, uncertainties.

And everyday I would push through them. Go out on my silent battle with my ego in check, and come out triumphant… But exhausted. Tired of the war I waged.

Building my business. Marketing my business. Making the money. Keeping the money. Spending the money. Meeting deadlines. Missing deadlines. Reaching targets. Failing at targets.

Market, market, market we are told.

And so I would. But it would feel hard… Heavy… Out of alignment. Like dredging through mud. Gluggy. Do you know what I mean? I didn’t like being sold to Andre than you do.

So I stopped ‘marketing’ in the traditional sense… Newsletters, sales pages, emails to my list, ‘selling’ the next thing…

Instead I worked on me.

I let go of urgency.
I found peace with not knowing.
I surrendered to the outcomes.
I allowed my shadows to come up and I would heal them.
I learnt to love my doubt, knowing it was keeping me real.
I wrote – a lot. Letters of my truth, from my heart, that guided me like a beacon.
I followed what felt right.
I released what didn’t resonate with my heart.
I fell in love with my business and saw that she had a Soul.
I opened myself up to possibilities, to opportunities, to synchronicities. I showed gratitude and appreciation for ‘what is.’

And I arrived at the heart of my business where I forgave the part of me that thought that playing small was good enough. I held that part of me, reassuring her that it was time for ‘her’ to go now. My small Self could leave. We were done. Our ‘relationship’ no longer served my highest good… Or the highest good of my clients… The decision was done.

It was time for change.

I let go and released that which I needed to let go of. I asked the Universe to reveal to me that which I needed to see. And I invited in all that I was, all that I will be, and all that I am.

I stepped into a frequency that now meant I was attracting opportunities, doors to open, possibilities to unfold, abundance to flow and my champions to step forward.

My new style of marketing, of making money and growing my business became ‘Vibrational Marketing.’

The more I raised my vibration the more I stepped into the world of gratitude, of trust, of acceptance for what is…. Around the path my business as taking me… The more my business flowed.

This year already I have had 2 of my best months in business. And I barely did any marketing. No newsletter. Only one blog. No webinars. No Facebook ads that were selling – only giving away winning tickets at my 3 day event Inspire and Ignite.

What was different? This year I worked on me.

I read. I studied with my mentor. I watched. I talked. I connected with like-minded Souls. I taught my clients what I know, passing on the lessons as I went. I had healing sessions with my Spiritual teachers. I grounded myself with mediation and massages. I took up yoga. I went vegetarian. I learnt more about what we can do to save the planet with the way we eat. I forgave myself. I was kind to me. I acknowledged what came up – the good and the bad…. And I saw how brave and courageous I was through it all.

And through it all I utilised relationships and social media to stay in touch with my Tribe.

The right people showed up.

The right opportunities came to me.

The right resources fell in my lap.

And the clients found me, seeking me out, feeling the vibrational alignment with my message, with me. Enrolments in my coaching programs, my workshops and my events came.


Because like you, they were hungry for different and they resonated with my frequency, realising, but perhaps not knowing, that they were ready for their small ‘Self’ to go, ready to let their inner child break free and do what she was born to do…make a difference, make an impact doing what she loves.

The timing for you to read this is no mistake.

I have clients who have tried the ‘marketing til it hurts’ philosophy. Spending unnecessary hard-earned dollars on ad spend that falls flat.

The greatest thing you can do now, especially if you are a business women on a mission who wants to make a difference, is to practice Vibrational Marketing.

Your vibration is more powerful, more attractive, than any marketing campaign could ever be. It will help you gain momentum faster that any other method. It has real power in it and the sooner you learn the key to doing well and making great money in business, is ALL about your vibration, the sooner you’re ‘in business.’

Like attracts like.

People, prospects, clients see you and make a decision whether or not they like the ‘feel’ of you. They tune into your authenticity, your values, your message, your vulnerability… And from there’s that make a decision… They decide if it ‘feels’ right, to work with you.

You can market til the cows come home but if they are not feeling the LOVE, if YOU are not in vibrational alignment with your path, your offers, your message, people will not be attracted to you.

If you are seeing resistance in your business with prospects, or nothing is working to bring clients in… Ask yourself – are you are a Vibrational Match to your work?

If you are feeling large amounts of doubt, fear or uncertainty, you will not be a Vibrational Match with the greatness of the potential of your business. You will continue to attract the lessons that create the chaos you are projecting outwards.

It’s time for you to have a different outcome. To step into
your brilliance. To no longer subscribe to our small Self. She needs to go.

I want to inspire you to be part of something bigger.

Start here:

  1. Download my free Clarity Tool to get you clear about what you don’t want SO you can know with clarity what you do want.
  2. Ask yourself… Who would I be without the thought? (pick one thought that’s not serving you and flip it).
  3. Find a community to be part of where you and your colleagues are being uplevelled, upgraded, upskilled and transformed so you can unlock your Self and let YOUR brilliance come forth. The power in this is beyond amazing. My next Mastermind group starts in April and I would love to talk to you if you are ready for better.
  4. Hit reply and let me know where you a ready/prepared/to stop listening to your small Self.
  5. Write down 5 things that you are grateful for – right now.

Let me know if this helps!

With love and magic,


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