We are women arising…

Do you know what you stand for? What really matters to you? What you are moved by?

I am an activist at heart. I campaign for better. For a better way of being that your heart urges for. For a silhouettesunrisepath that serves the greater good.

I want better for us all. For those who can’t see the way out. For those in the dark. For those who have forgotten how miraculous and powerful they are. For those who know they are here for something greater than themselves, but haven’t yet grasped it.

I stand for raising the vibration of the planet. For showing up for those who want to walk this path too.

I stand for bridging the gap between being Spiritual and being abundant, knowing that you can make an extraordinary impact doing what you love while being divinely rewarded.

I stand for helping you see what’s possible (which is MORE than you often allow yourself – that;s why I’m here to remind you).

The path of the awakened Soul calls for deep strength, immense trust and complete surrender.

It is one filled with lessons, with victories, with triumphs and with massive upheaval.

It is one where friendships/situations  come and go as you rise into a new vibration.

It is one where change is inevitable and more than ever it is time to surround yourself with those who share your vibration, your frequency, your light. 

What I know to be true is that now more than ever we must lay the foundations of change. We must arise, rising up and deeply standing for what we believe in. For what will ultimately serve the greater good of the planet.

This is not a solo journey. At least, it need not be. Together we arise stronger.

Now more than ever the women I am here to serve (my life is indeed an act of service and I humbly follow the path of serving) are being called to ‘arise’ too. To shine your bright light. To remember who you are here to serve too.

I stand for you. For women arising.

Join myself, and Spiritual pioneers Karyn Janelle Davis and Karen Creighton as we lead you through a free online workshop to help YOU arise into your magnificence and lead your foundations of change so that you finish 2016 strong and step fully into 2017…

Click here to register your place on our free online workshop: Women Rising Webinar

With love and magic






PS. This material WILL create a new foundation of change within you, for what you are here to do, for how you are arising, for how you create abundance. Hand on heart. Show up and be prepared to have your heart opened and your wisdom for what you do, ignited. Register here.

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