Want this handy formula for your business?

Want this handy formula for your business?

Do you have a wonderful welcome email sequence in your business?

Do you use a handy formula to write your magnetic email sequences?

Many of my clients don’t have one, when they first start working with me. 

So today, I thought I’d share with you a super simple, step-by-step formula YOU can put into place in your purpose-led business this week.

No need to put it off any longer. Time to sparkle and shine, and ignite the magic!

Use this easy formula and start building trust with your clients today!

 Your Welcome Sequence Formula: ⏬

1. Welcome email with freebie or offer and CTA (call to action, but you knew that right?!).

2. Who you are (Go on, share the real Soul essence of you!).

3. What you do and what you bring. (Don’t be shy now!).

4. A tip on how they can do it themselves. They’ll love to know your tips!

5. Another tip on how they can do it themselves. (That’s it! Give, give and give some more).

6. Any resources they can use to accomplish their goals. (This is your chance to shine!).

7. CTA with more information about what you offer. (make it juicy so they can’t say no!).

8. Testimonials (Glow on girl!).

The more you can build trust with your audience the more they will GET you, and the more they will WANT to work with you and the more you will FEEL excited about your business.

Know, like, and trust is so important! 🦄 🔮✨

What kind of glorious content can you use to deepen that fact before DM’s or replies even happen?

I can feel the magic from here!

With joy,


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