Until You Decide

Until You Decide

Closing a life chapter and once and for all GETTING ON with your life takes guts. 🙏

Looking deeply at what you’re holding onto and WHY takes courage.

Noticing that what you’re trying to ignore, reject, or deny is rising to the surface and being bought to your attention for healing and clearing, takes listening.

I’m so grateful I was able to listen.

I’m so grateful that I received wise counsel exactly when I needed it. (Love my Divine team and how they always give me exactly what I need, when I need it!).

To listen … to be aware of the deep beliefs that you run, that hold you back, that you HAVE to be perfect, or do better, be more, or show up perfectly or else…


Or else you won’t be worthy.

Or else you won’t succeed.

Or else no-one will like/approve of you.


And so you try harder to be better, to be more, give more, do more. Stuck in a loop of unconscious patterns that are completely running the show.

Having ridiculously high expectations and then when you don’t meet those expectations, making it mean that you don’t deserve it, or aren’t worthy of it, or incapable of reaching your lofty goals.

“If I was worthy, I’d meet my high expectations. I’d be perfect.

If I was perfect, then I’d be worthy, meeting my high expectations.”

Stifled. Stuck. In the resistance loop of old patterns, in this long-held belief that was coded into your subconscious. 

This false belief.

This story that’s not true.


Until… you DECIDE to shift from safety to growth. From believing the old story to claiming the aligned story – the one that FEELS right.


After all my years of as a leadership coach, teacher, Law of Attraction practitioner and University lecturer, I knew I had the tools to shift MY thinking, and yet some time ago, it took MY COACH to show ME that if I kept doing what I’ve always done, and making decisions based purely on ‘feelings’ without applying logic, …I would continue the cycle that I drastically needed to shift.

So much has shifted since then.

I am aware that the strength and knowledge I’ve gained from my experiences can help people who are on the same path.

I am aware that sharing my learnings can empower others and sharing my mistakes protects them.

I am aware that speaking up about the tools that help me may help others too.

So now, when my ‘not worthy, perfect, not enough,’ blah blah happens, I remind myself: “This is my old story. This is not true for me. What is me is worthy and I am ready for my desires to come to me now!”.

The important part of this is these words…. “This is an OLD STORY I’m telling myself. This is not true for me.”


What do YOU want to put in place instead?

What miracles do you want to create?

What are you excited, passionate and driven to manifest?


Begin coding in the new beliefs and creating a new story so you can create the business, the success you desire. (It’s one of the things that I love helping my clients with and I just LOVE seeing the results they get…

But YOU have to be willing to take that first step. To uncover the blindspots and rise.

Work with me and I’ll guide you to that first step, on the path to becoming the person who knows she IS worthy. To the inner work that leads to the outer results.

Miracle-Maker Mastermind begins next month. DM me and I’d love to chat to see if it’s the ambitious group, the connected community, the divine support that YOU need to claim your purpose and take your business to a whole new level.

It’s time to get on with your life! And when you say YES to focusing on a new way of showing up in the world, you reap the rewards you have been waiting for. 💗😄✨🦄

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