This Is The Breakthrough That Your Business NEEDS!

Starting out in business for yourself and watching it flourish is just so exciting, don’t you agree?!

Seeing your ideas come to life, living out your passion, using your talents to help others and seeing other people achieve results because of the work you do is an amazing feeling! So is having things in place that allow you to travel, or whatever is on your bucket list! I’m in Italy at the moment and each moment with my daughter is priceless – and wouldn’t be possible without the steps in place in my business that have helped me to grow my business in ways that align with my Soul.

The trouble is, and I see it often in business women, that while you’re enjoying doing what you do, you can easily forget about (or disregard) your actual income goals. If you are in my tribe, you may relate to the concept that it’s not really about the money… It’s more about helping people.

After all, we didn’t get in to business to spend time working on the numbers … And the truth is many heart-centred business women are just not that savvy with money! But what I know to be true is that we MUST have income goals (and breakthroughs) so we CAN do things like take holidays with loved ones, or provide for a lifestyle that we desire.

In fact, for many, despite having brilliant business ideas and a heap of integrity, lack the financial fluency and marketing know-how to really propel your profits and send your salary into six-figure status, which can lead to frustration and disappointment. And it breaks my heart to see passionate business owners give up on their dreams just because of these self-limiting money beliefs!

Believe me, as someone who lives out my dream job (that allows me to vacation with my daughter in Italy for her birthday!) while achieving my ideal income, I can tell you that finding the perfect balance of passion and profits is more than achievable, and you’ll soon see that your business and your bank balance can, and will, thrive!

If you’re thinking about getting started in business, have just started out, or if you’ve been in business a little while but have hit a plateau then you NEED to get some straightforward and pragmatic advice relevant to your business to help accelerate its growth.

It’s about finding that balance between helping people, making an impact and making the money you need.

I know that paying for a one-on-one coaching program to help you get focused, get more clients and increase your income is not always an option, particularly when you’re starting out, but this is exactly when you need to receive the right information to get you on track towards success!

That’s why I’ve put together my up-coming event, the Income Breakthrough Intensive.

It’s an exciting two and a half day event specifically designed for female heart-centred, small business owners just like you who want to karate-chop their way through limiting money blocks or financial fears and see their profits soar.

The best bit…

…this group is limited to just 12 business owners, so you get the benefit of personalised advice from me relevant to your business needs, as well as the combined knowledge of other smart business people to help you generate great ideas.

With limited spaces, and so many nuggets on HOW to increase your income (and make your money back – and then some!!!), you’ll need to secure your spot quickly! Click on the link below to see all the awesome details. I’m super excited about presenting this intensive workshop – as you know, I love teaching small groups because I’ve seen how beneficial these group sessions can be for all attendees!

Ready to join me in Auckland or Wellington, and see your income SOAR?

Find out more here and the let’s book you in!

Here’s to your success!

With joy,







PS: I’ve got so many marketing tips and ideas to share with you since my recent Masterminding event in London and leveraging myself so I could be with my daughter in Italy. I’m bursting to share with you ways to REALLY boost the visibility in your business so YOU can make more money doing what you love!

Say YES to you and your business success here!

PSS:Want to talk to my team about if Income Breakthrough Intensive is right for you? Click here to make a time and you’ll get your questions answered.

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