This came up at the Day 10 mark… It changed everything…

I’ve just posted on Day 10 of the free 30 Day Challenge I’m running and as I was doing it, I realised that today was a huge turning point for me when I ran the Challenge the first time, in September 2015.

Day 10 was the day I got on a plane to fly home from Bali (where I was at the 30 day iLAB Retreat – the reason I ran the Challenge) to fly home to my brother who was unexpectedly and rapidly dying of cancer.

As I got on the plane, I didn’t know if I would make it home in time.

I did.

24 hours later he died.

I share this with you today to show you that turning points are real in your business and in your life. Since I started my business, I’ve already had many personal ones happen in ways I could not have imagined… Both wonderful and confronting… And so I can only imagine what has come up for you.

We’re going deep with this work as you expand into being the Business-Women-On-A-Mission you are here to be. It opens you up and gets you into a new flow… Pointing you to your North Star. You’ve found your purpose. You’ve had new awareness come up around money, around what you don’t want, you’ve got clear, your vision is aligning… It’s all coming together.

If you have ‘stuff’ coming up… Good, great or confronting… That’s ok.

For now, stay the course. It’ll be worth it. I can promise you this. Share what comes up for you. With your community. With your supportive peers.

I honour you with where you are letting yourselves go.

Like Oprah, I believe that every single event in life that happens is an opportunity to choose love over fear.

Thank you. From my Soul to yours… Let’s choose love for ourselves… For our businesses… No matter what happens along the way…

With love and gratitude,







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