The Surefire Way to Reduce Overwhelm and Get More Done

Last week I spent two days with my team doing our quarterly planning for the next 90 days. We brainstormed, analyzed, strategized and planned – as well as taking massive action. (While having fun!).

I couldn’t grow this ‘baby’ of mine without my invaluable team.

It was a big learning lesson for me when I was first getting serious about my business. I knew I wanted to turn my yearly income into my monthly income, and I sure as heck didn’t want to do it by myself.

What successful people know to be true is that your business cannot grow if you keep doing everything yourself.

But it goes further than that… in order to feel ok with it you need to learn to let go and delegate. And even though that may seem like the last thing you have time for, if you listen in this week’s video you’ll learn how you will know what to delegate based on what you love, what you can do but shouldn’t, and what you really don’t like doing.

To avoid burn-out, frustration and overwhelm, you need to not only delegate, but know how to delegate.

The challenge I see with many of my clients is that either they don’t know what to delegate, how to delegate effectively or even who to help them with the tasks.

This in turn sets them into a cycle of fear…fear around bringing in someone else to the business, fear of it not working out, fear that it will be too expensive…just to name a few (can you relate?).

Let’s start with what we know to be true; We all have our genius, strengths and talents.

And what’s awesome is that your weakness is someone else’s strength.

Here are some things you may like to look at delegating:

• Responding to your email
• Scheduling appointments
• Social media posting and scheduling
• Bookkeeping
• Customer Care

What’s awesome about delegating is that it frees you time to work ON your business more.

Want to work out WHAT to delegate?

Go ahead and download this ‘Delegation Opportunities’ template. Fill in the 3 columns and see how it helps you to ascertain what you need to delegate first.

Then ask yourself:What can I do to get the support I need to overcome the obstacles of delegating, get the right team on board, have a clear quarterly plan and make Quarter 3 of this year flow with more ease and direction?

If you need help, I’m here to make it easy for you. I’ve got spaces for 5 people to have a 1:1 session with me and get your plan nailed and your delegation clear – and your Mindset in order so you stop procrastinating and start!

In the meantime, go ahead and fill in the ‘Delegation Opportunities’ template and stay in YOUR genius!

Have fun with that and let me know if I can help!

With love and magic,

Catherine xxx


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