The Simple System To Success That I Stumbled Upon…

women_writing_a_letter-300x200As an entrepreneur for the last 15 years, I’m constantly reinventing myself, exploring better ways of doing things and what works (and learning what doesn’t too!).

I went through trial and error and then I stumbled upon a simple system. I write almost daily in my journal and one day as I was writing I asked myself the question, “What changes do I need to make to improve my success?”

The answer came and with it I then promised myself that every month I would do exactly what I had discovered… To learn something new each month and push the boundaries on what I was experiencing.

Some months that was learning to play a song on the guitar, working on increasing my running pace or reading a book that I had been meaning to get through and actually taking on action on the learnings. One month I even learnt to kite-surf – and yes, it is quite the crazy sport it looks to be!!!

Over the past few months, my ‘something new’ has extended itself into learning to live a laptop lifestyle, where my business is global – and so am I.

I always thought I was the kind of coach, speaker, trainer and author who felt more settled being in one place, in one city. But the truth is, now that my kids are independent and living their own lives, I’m learning SOOOO much more about myself and my business by being transient and surrounding myself with key people who can uplift me, and I can add value to them.

So in my endeavour to learn one new thing every month, I sat down and created my ‘Soul-Intended Day.’ If I was going to learn something new, I thought it might be a great idea to learn MORE about what I truly want.

Uncannily enough, the simple act of doing that exercise and reviewing it regularly (and being in gratitude even if I was only living part of it) bought me to meet the wonderful Natalie Sisson.

Natalie is known as the Suitcase Entrepreneur, and like me at the moment, she has built her perfect lifestyle business while travelling the world, earning 6-figures and going on crazy cool adventures. 

She truly embodies freedom in business and adventure in life and has been teaching thousands of people all over the world how to create this lifestyle for themselves.

I truly believe my ‘Soul-Intended Day’ exercise has aligned us together. And what’s awesome is that now I get to share the idea with you through her video series she has created.

In the first video in her series Natalie gets you to focus on what she calls your ‘Perfect Day’ and I know for so many of you, you will, find this very illuminating and valuable. She’s shot a whole video around your perfect day exercise, finding your sweet spot and the 1 Page “Miracle” Biz Plan in her free video series.

It really helpful and I know you will love it!

If you haven’t checked it out yet or read my email on it please go here to get access

catherine_natalie-300x169Also, as a special treat for my readers and subscribers I decided to see if I could convince Natalie to join me on a webinar just for you.

She said yes!

So, on Thursday, 9th April, 6pm PST, Friday 10th April, 1pm NZT you are invited to join us for a no-cost, high-value webinar where we’ll introduce you to some unique concepts that will help you increase your income and your path to freedom too. Click here to register

I hope this will inspire you to learn one new thing every month. It will help you to reach your potential faster and build your confidence and belief in yourself too.

Every ONE thing adds up to make a big difference over time. For me the big change started with the Perfect Day exercise and that’s why I’m so thrilled that you get to experience it to by tuning into our webinar where you’ll hear it all LIVE.

I’d love to hear what your ONE thing is this month!

With love and magic,


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