The Magnificence of a Winter’s Day from My Favourite Place to ‘Be.’

What if we could take moments to just breathe and to see that everything is in perfect alignment? To celebrate that sense of knowing that everything is happening in perfect divine timing – even though we don’t quite know how.

To feel that what stirs in you so deeply as you rise each day, is your Soul, calling you in to fulfill your Purpose in the world.

To know that you being here is important, is significant, with all your gifts, your qualities, your brilliance, yours to share in the world. Yours to receive.

To realise that by moving your focus from ‘what can I get’ to ‘how can I be’ that it shifts the inner clarity and brings in your hearts calling.

To discover that in the moments of ‘being’ we can embrace the times that have shaped us into who we are. That even the messy parts of us are a blessing from which we grow, learn, evolve, transcend, love.

What if in that space you realise you have everything you need. That in this place the light can shine through the cracks and you can witness the magnificence of who you have become.

In the heart of us all lies this place.

Where there is a new pattern waiting to emerge. One that allows you to not need to forgive anyone for the perceived limitations they have placed on you, but to know YOU enough to see who you really are.

Where you learn to acknowledge yourself. To validate yourself. To know how bright you shine.

Then, with your light shining bright, even through the cracks, you say yes. To you. To those who value you. Your gifts. Your qualities. Your magnificence.

Your Soul ‘on’ – ready for the miracles that await. In love with this gift we call life.

To say yes.

How significant would that be?

Come. Turn that corner. See that magnificence. There. Where your Soul’s initiation is waiting for you to rise.

3 days. You. Me. A path to your magnificence as a #businesswomenonamission.

You are not just here to build a business. You are here to make a difference. Let’s do that. Together.

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With love and magic,


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