The Common Problem with Women and Money

Since coming back the FinCon Conference in San Diego, I’ve been giving Money and the relationship we have with it a lot of thought.

One of the common themes that I heard from Money/Finance experts at the Conference was the lack of financial literacy in business owners… Especially women.

Typically… They don’t have the basic skills.
They over spend.
They don’t manage the money they have.

Why? Because they don’t know…

  1. The real purpose of their money and the value of it.
  2. Their goals for how they want your life to be.
  3. The plan to reach that goal.

We all have an unconscious relationship with money. Many pretend it’s not important to us.

But as a whole people do worry about it – yet their paradigms and non-productive actions hold them back from doing anything about it. Then, inevitably, the cycle of shame sets in.

Money has a control over us. And what I’ve observed is not even the wealthy are free of money worry. No one escapes the powerful push and pull of money.

By inviting business women to take a fresh look at money and the way they relate to it their relationship with it can change for the better.

It’s not that anyone is broken around money… They just haven’t learnt the skills needed to create the shift.

But to go deeper with it… What I’ve observed is that everyone needs a purpose for their money. This helps them to separate themselves from ‘the chase’ of money.

By inviting business women to address the way they are using and living with money in my upcoming 3 day event in October I’ll be getting them to tap into the desire we all have and that is the desire to make a difference.

Make a difference and make a wonderful living doing so.

If we then come from that value, we then feel empowered to make more conscious choices around money, allowing money to be a way that has us make a living that affirms our ‘divine path.’

I could talk about this topic for hours… And we will at Inspire and Ignite. Come and join me and let’s get you money conscious so you can have an awesome relationship with Money.

October 14-16th Gold Coast
October 21-23 Auckland

Get your early bird tickets here

Time to shift your money story too!

With joy,



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