The 3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get To A Decision…

The 3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get To A Decision…

With 2016 just a few short weeks away, I know that many of you are looking at ways to finally kick your business into higher gear. Perhaps you know it’s time to finally take things seriously and get the training and help you need. Or perhaps you’ve hit a sticking point that you can’t move past without some personal help.

Well, you’re not alone. I don’t know anyone who’s grown a successful business without getting the training and/or coaching they need for their specific situation. And often they decide to do it because they know they’ve reached a point where they can’t go further without it.

I have always had coaching and training support as I’ve grown my business, I honestly wouldn’t be me without it! In fact as I write this I’m about to jump on my own Mastermind call for my business. The great thing is, I then get to bring this training to my Tribe!

To get to the next level, YOU WILL need to make a decision.

The next decision you will need to make for the success of your business is WHO is going to support you as you move into the next phase in 2016?

We know you need a mentor but it’s about who is the right one for you.  You can certainly do it on your own, but it will take you a LOT longer, and trust me when I say that! Your Ego gets in the way, or you get lazy, distracted or fearful and it holds you back.

So let’s say you have found who, and now you have to decide on the HOW.

For the sake of this example, if you decided to work with me, you can either come to my low-cost 3 day Inspire and Ignite event that I will host next in March (Gold Coast and Auckland) and glean everything you can during these 3 days for the early bird price.

Or you might decide you need more focused help NOW and so you decide to take advantage of one of the complimentary Monetise Your Mission sessions with me or one of my Master Coaches to see if the Business-Women-On-A-Mission training’s are right for you.

Here are your options:

Option 1:   Soul Intentions Mastermind Membership – Online Training, Resources, Advice, & Community 

I developed this unique program after years of personally coaching hundreds of business owners. In Soul Intentions, you receive an entire year’s worth of business know-how covering a solid plan of online and offline strategies, handed to you in an easy-to-use format. You’ll learn the most up-to-date, proven strategies, tools, and tactics to help you dramatically increase your reach and revenues. You also have access to me on live calls to get your questions answered, and 24-hour access to our network of hundreds of members from around the world. For only $77 a month, this is a great value for you as you grow your business!

Click here to find out more

Option 2:   Coaching with Catherine –  Small Group & 1:1 Coaching to Move You Forward Fast

All of the above, plus live meetings in small groups with your coach, as well as individual attention via phone. If you’re serious about up-leveling your business, then you’ll want to be a part of this tribe. We offer 3 tiers, each tailored for your specific level of entrepreneurship. (Our 1:1 call will help you determine which tier is a best fit for you.) Coaching groups start at $1,995. 

Click here to make a time to talk to the team about YOUR needs

Option 3:   VIP Day – Spend the Day with Me 

If you’d rather meet in person for individual live coaching, consider investing in a full or half-day strategy day, where it’s all about YOU. Sit down 1:1 with me, discover, dissect and work through any problems, refine your branding or marketing message, and map out your growth plan for the next several months. You’ll love being this organised for 2016! VIP days start at $2,500 and are available in Auckland and in Sydney.

Instead of simply sending you to a page with more information, I want to make myself available to you. Please contact my team today at and a member of my team will reach out to learn your needs, share all the details, and help you choose the right coaching package for you.

So the next step is to make a decision. Are you going to make a time to connect with us to see how we can help you prepare yourself and your business for success?

Here’s a technique that may help you decide….

Ask yourself, “What are the consequences of my decision in 10 minutes?”

“In 10 weeks?”

And in “10 months?”

…Not just for myself, for my Soul, for my Vision, and the impact I am here to make with my mission because I know it’s time for a change.”

So as an example,

In 10 minutes how will you feel if you take one of the free Monetise Your Mission sessions? (Someone is going to take them, so it can’t hurt to see if it’s a fit, right? No harm done, and you’ll get your questions answered).

In 10 weeks how will you feel if you take one of the free Monetise Your Mission sessions? (We would have almost finished the next set of 9 week Business-Women-On-A-Mission trainings and if it is a fit for you and you say yes, you will have a map of the HOW as well as the Universe on your side even more once I’m done with training you!).

In 10 months how will you feel if you take one of the free Monetise Your Mission sessions? (You’ll have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom behind if you keep following through with what you learnt, and your business will be absolutely up to the next Wealth Spectrum level, if not higher).

So…the decision you have to make today is, are you going to allow fear, worry, procrastination and doubt stand between you and your thriving business OR are you ready to take a small amount of time and invest in yourself to finally receive both the inner and outer tools that you absolutely must have in order to create your mission-driven, fully-conscious business that lights you up (and is that spark that lights others’ flames)?!

If you answered a resounding YES!!! to the latter, then I’d love for you to join me and a small group of other motivated Business-Women-On-A-Mission to receive the exact blueprint that I have used to take myself and others up the Wealth ladder.

Click here to make a time to talk to the team about YOUR needs

I hope to have the chance to work with you in 2016!

With love and magic,


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