On 2023 Business Planning and Deep Desires!

On 2023 Business Planning and Deep Desires!

2023 is well and truly here. How have you been riding the waves of it’s arrival? Are you feeling prepared or noticing a gap?

There are some big themes for 2023 around having faith and surrendering, while also being industrious AND bringing your enthusiasm to what you do.

You might be here to grow a business you love, but trust me as I say that along the way, you are going through a huge personal transformational journey too.


Now it’s time for you to set your deep desires for the security and certainty you want in 2023.


I see it all the time… entrepreneurs-seeking entrepreneurs set an intention at the beginning of the year to create a certain amount of income. In January, they’re excited for their money breakthrough; by March they’re stressed out, flying by the seat of their pants, looking for clients (instead of attracting them), and feeling slightly desperate. What’s going on?

Visioning, setting intentions and goals are all important to the creation process, but without the right strategies and a plan, your chances of success are significantly reduced.

The problem is, many get overwhelmed by the planning process and confused by all the seemingly endless detail that goes into creating an aligned marketing calendar.

The solution? Learn to surrender and trust that you’ll be taken care of without having to know every detail (you can’t know them all anyway) and stick to a simple, streamlined process that helps you fill your programs and gets your cash flowing.


Book your marketing planning session with me for the special New Year’s price of $250 (discounted from $400). But be forewarned – it’s definitely not your typical business planning session. I help you with the harmony between the practical and the spiritual so you experience a richness to your outcomes that gets you FULLY stepping into your purpose.

During this 90-minute session, we will go deep:


Step 1: Choose your Exciting Money Goal for the year


First things first: you must decide how much money you want to make to give you the security, certainty, and safety you need. Seems obvious, right? Yet so many skip this step. Don’t leave this to chance! Consciously choosing puts YOU in the driver’s seat.

Your Exciting Money Goal should be a stretch and something you can believe in. To truly set yourself up for success in 2023 and the years to come, choose a goal that stretches you outside of your comfort zone and requires you to step into a new way of thinking and being in your business.

Bonus tip: We’ll also explore a lofty list-building goal. Remember that your list represents your future impact, authority and income, so it’s important to give lots of attention to growing your list!


Step 2: Discover where YOU most need to transform


The portal to every next level in your business (and personal) growth is through the parts of yourself that you avoid. We’ll explore together where you have been avoiding the shifts that are needed for you to step into your purpose and prosperity and get you out of your own way.

Making the commitment to honoring this will mean acting and being in your business from a whole different place – one that allows for the business success to come and honors your healing journey as a success-seeking (and well-charged!) entrepreneur. Without this step, you will continue to stay in the downward spiral. 2023 is the year to change this!


Step 3: Plan your high ticket offers


Once we’ve created the awareness around your patterns, we can explore your high-ticket offers. This is the secret to guaranteeing your cash flow and ending the cycle of chasing after the next client, (but you have to be ready!).

Make a plan for creating a high-end program and filling a number of spots all at once. Using this strategy will boost your confidence and build your tribe, so you’re not constantly worried about where your cash is coming from.


Step 4: Fill in the gaps to set yourself up for high-end success


To take you from unknown to known you’ll need to get systems in place that help you fill the gaps and build trust with our audience.

Here’s where you schedule lower price point programs. I’ll help you choose offers that support your business direction, and suggest funnels such as a webinar or Live series that would make a good “lead in” to your private clients, or a list-building campaign.


Step 5: Include systematic list building


Systematically building your list throughout the year WILL ensure your future cash flow and give you a chance to build trust with your audience.

Ideally, you would have 2-4 list-building activities every year, such as a free webinar, a new free gift giveaway, or speaking engagements where you can collect new leads.


Are you ready?


The energy we are in right now is powerful for laying foundations of rethinking and of creating space for significant transformations. It’s a time to work with diligence and integrity, to look at the talents and skills you have (and could be using more!), and being here for all that your Soul wants to experience.

Hit reply and let’s book a Marketing Planning session with me for the special New Year’s price of $250 (discounted from $400).

But hurry, this offer is only available for a limited time. And the earlier you book your consultation, the earlier you can get on track to achieving your financial dreams in 2023.

PS: We can chat to see if my 12-month programme of work will help you make 2023 the most successful year so far (personally AND financially!) and if that is what you know you need. Just hit reply!

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