Miracles Happened – My Once Upon a Time Story

Miracles Happened – My Once Upon a Time Story

Once upon a time…

I’d hung up my hat as a teacher and fell into being a consultant for a 7 figure company. 

I was helping them get more sales, relationship building, building their brands and programs, and managing their staff.  

It taught me a LOT! It pushed me outside my comfort zone.
It was FULL ON! 

Yes, I was good at it and the money was flowing. 

But I have to tell you, looking back now, I wasn’t fulfilled.  

I never felt satisfied.  I felt like a puppet being pushed into a box.  

I didn’t feel valued.  

I felt uninspired and empty. It was stripping me of my energy. 

And the money was no longer enough. 

I started to listen to that voice inside of me. 

The voice that was telling me that I wanted to make a difference. 

Make an impact. But I wasn’t sure how.

And then one day, I saw an event being promoted online.

I jumped on a discovery call to see if it was a fit. 

To see if it could help me change my trajectory so I could finally connect the dots and create MY OWN business. 

It sounded good!

So I got my credit card out and bought it, on the spot. 


It was a solid investment of time, money, and energy for me back then. 

I flew to the other side of the world to attend the event, and learnt some incredible skills that would really help me to better serve my clients.

My own clients. 

The idea of that felt so good!! 

I took that opportunity by the horns and I went all in. 

I took the training that I bought from the event and immersed myself in it. 

I showed up and studied and trained. 

I knew I needed clients so that I could turn my mission into reality. 

I knew that I had to practice what I was learning, and what better way than doing it with actual paying clients? 

So I dove in head first! It was scary at first… but then…

I got 9 clients … in 7 weeks. 

Before I knew it, I had clients seeking me out! I’d followed the steps of the training that I’d purchased. 

I made that $3,500 back and then the next $3,500

and in the space of a year, I’d made 6 figures. 

It was amazing… 

And not because of the money. 

But because I was building a business, doing what I actually loved.

I had the freedom, and the flexibility, and I was making a difference. 

I was working with clients who were doing the work.  

They listened, applied my teachings, and got results. 

I learned as I went. (I’m always learning!). 

Watching my clients get more clarity, attract more clients, make more impact, and live their purpose became my happy place.  💖

So then, when THEY asked me what I had done to turn the tap on so quickly in my business, I showed them what I was doing, and how I was closing. 

Miracles happened in their business…

They got more clarity, then more clients, then more cashflow… 

…and they were sending me private messages of gratitude. 

The transformations were life-changing. 

It was such an amazing feeling!!! 

I got more high-ticket clients.

I got invited to create and teach a course on Entrepreneurship at Auckland University of Technology.  

I helped people to validate their business idea and turn it into reality. 

The best thing? My curiosity all those years ago helped me find my true calling…

If you haven’t worked out how to turn your mission into reality yet, stay curious! 

Fast forward from 2009 to now, and that is how my Miracle-Maker Mastermind was born! 

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