How to make money doing what excites your Soul…

hapy-confident-woman-e1425633580873-271x300I’ve just gotten off a Skype call having just conducted a coaching session with a budding women entrepreneur. I wanted to reflect the conversation my client and I had because it reminds me of the conversations I went through when I just got started…

My client is heart-centred, she’s spiritually minded and she’s on a mission to help make people’s lives better. She knows that she wants to make a difference. She can ‘feel’ it in her bones.

You know what I’m talking about right?

Me too. It’s the same feeling I had when I got started in my business over 7 years ago first as a Life Coach and Law of Attraction Practitioner, and now as a Mindset, Money and Marketing Breakthrough Coach.

She was FULL of ideas about what she wanted to do… she could run yoga classes, she could lead detoxing retreats, she could coach people on health and wellness, she could take amazing photos…she certainly didn’t lack the creative spirit needed to be an entrepreneur… what she lacked was a leveraged way to make money DOING what she loved.

Surely there are a ton of ways to make money from these passions of hers? Well here lies the challenge….

The problem lay simply in the fact that she had trouble charging for what she was worth. She was all but practically giving her services away for free. And so she was twixting and tweening between one modality and another, never really focusing on the ONE key business idea that would help her to bring in the money that she deserved. And when she did get an opportunity to be employed for her services she really didn’t know what to charge and how to package her services so that she felt the win-win.

You see, the less she charged, the better she felt AT FIRST, because she was being employed for her services and so loved being of service, BUT she soon felt ‘ripped off’ after realising how much time and effort she was put into the ‘giving’ of her services… especially when I showed her the model I use to help you work out HOW MUCH you need to be charging based on the kind of lifestyle you want to lead.

To create the shift here is my coaching advice for you…which is exactly what I told my client:

***Ask yourself ‘What excites your Soul?’ Whatever you do, it needs to inspire you to the core, as you will be putting your heart and Soul into it for the next few years as you build your business.

***Make that ‘thing’ that excites your Soul, tangible. In order to make good money, what I have observed is that it needs to be something that people want, or need that will help them in their business or lives, where they actually will pay for it. For example if you have a love of coaching people, create a program that helps them lose weight, or find love, or make more sales, or be more productive.

  1. because-im-happy-200x300 *** Own your greatness – to yourself FIRST, then to your audience. Until you are ready to say ‘I am good enough. I know I can help people’ then you will continue to undercharge or just stay stuck in the cycle of giving your services away.
  2.  *** Trust that you are on the right path once you decide what excited your Soul. Trust me when I say that if you are ready to own your expertise in the industry that excites your Soul that people need you. Stay focused. It’ll make you so much happier!
  3. ***Work out how much money you NEED to live the lifestyle you desire. That will help you start to see how much you need to earn and how much you need to charge in your packages, products and services. It can even help you determine your hourly rate. Then charge THAT.

We’re going to cover these important business building ideas around money, what to charge, how to ask for the sale and how to OWN your expertise and step into your brilliance at my upcoming Inspire and Ignite Live Experience March 20-22 in Auckland, NZ. Come and join me and other wonderful women in business who are also seeking ways to own their greatness and being truly valued – for yourself and by your clients.

Can’t make it but know that you have a gap in these areas that you need to master? Let’s talk. Message me here and we can connect. I’m here to help support you on your journey.

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