How to Define Your Personal Brand

How to Define Your Personal Brand

Brand identities are so important in business. They set you apart from competitors and provide potential customers with a visual and mental opportunity to understand the essence of you and your work.  

A solid personal brand helps you elevate your value and establish an advantage over others. It helps your customers KNOW to choose you. In the myriad of choices out there, it’s up to you to help them say yes to you! 

For those wanting to work on their personal brand start with questions:

1. What are my values?

2. What do I stand for? 

3. What would someone else say about your values?


You may like to reach out on social media by writing a post asking them. Here’s the image I used on social media. 

Receiving the answers was an invaluable and POWERFUL exercise and on a certain level gave me permission to fully live my values with my brand. They helped me see that my tribe, friends, and colleagues see what I stand for. 

Here are some of the responses: 

These comments bring me so much joy and TRULY helped me define my brand identity. I encourage you to do the same! 

At the depth of these questions and answers, you will find you’ll find your unique personal brand. Look for similarities and/or differences. Are there characteristics you are ready to OWN, areas you’d like to highlight, or areas you’d like to develop? Write it all down. This is where you’ll find your North Star!  

Once you have your answers to the questions, begin to demonstrate your personal brand in every communication intentionally aligning it with your brand. Over time, you will see everything you do, becoming more effortless as you become more in tune with what and how to represent yourself and your brand.

And…don’t be afraid to update your brand over time. Like I have recently!  We’re all evolving, so what worked 4 years may not suit your energy, vibe and message today. To redefine your brand, follow the same steps. Keep what works and tweak what doesn’t. After all, your brand should match who you are and where you want to go, galloping into your greatness and helping more of the people who align with your brand. 

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