How to Change Your Story

How to Change Your Story

If you’ve been feeling fear, anxiety or uncertainty over the last few days (or months, or years!) I’m sure that what I’m about to share will resonate with you.

If you know it’s time to close a life chapter and once and for all GET ON with your life… now is the time to look at what you’re holding onto and WHY.

If you’re noticing that everything you’ve been trying to ignore, reject, or deny is rising to the surface and being bought to your attention for healing and clearing, then it’s time to listen.

I’m so grateful I was able to listen.

I’m so grateful that I received wise council exactly when I needed it. (Love my Divine team and how they always give me exactly what I need, when I need it!).

What had been coming up for me, was that I’d been ‘running’ a deep belief most of my life that I HAVE to be perfect, I have to show-up perfectly or else.

Or else I won’t be loveable.
Or else I won’t succeed.
Or else no-one will like/approve of me/love me/trust me.

And so I would try harder to be better, to be more, give more, do more. Stuck in a loop of unconscious patterns that were completely running the show. Having ridiculously high expectations of myself and then when I didn’t meet those expectations, making it mean that I didn’t deserve it, or wasn’t worthy of it, or I was incapable of reaching my lofty goals.

If I was worthy, I’d meet my high expectations. I’d be perfect. If I was perfect, then I’d be worthy, meeting my high expectations. Can you see the resistance loop I was stuck in? For years!

Maybe you have a resistance loop of your own.

Maybe you are aware of it, this long-held belief that is coded into your subconscious.

Maybe it still seems true, on one level, but when you dive into it, you know it’s just a story you’re telling yourself. But you can’t quite shake it.

The false belief that you are not ready, not deserving, not worthy, don’t have the tools/resources/finances or whatever shitty situation your soul knows is not really true, is just another way of you validating your fears. Keeping you on some level playing small. Not trusting yourself.

It’s time NOW to focus on a new direction, to tell a new story, to realise a new truth. We are transforming at immense speed in this current energy, and so be prepared to rapidly let go of anything that doesn’t serve your highest potential. Anything that is no longer in alignment with what you desire to create.

A LOT has changed for you, but there is STILL work to be done to create the shift that allows everything you’ve been manifesting to arrive. To convince yourself that you can reap the rewards of all of your work thus far, and turn your life around.

In order to turn the tables on my worthiness pattern, I FINALLY recoded myself with what I’m about to tell you.

I used a tool to help me to get rid of the things that no longer resonated, that didn’t align with the exact life I wanted and to break free of the stories that had been running the show (which I CONTINUE to use to break free, because we are all a work in process!).

It was this: RECOGNISING the difference between feelings and logic.
I’ve learned to start recognising things as a way of identifying in 3 steps:
1) What is actually happening: “What’s happening here is (fill in the blank)’”
2) What I don’t want. “(fill in the blank) is not me, and it’s not what I want.”
3) What IS true for me: “So what DO I want? I can make it happen and I will take this action, now!”

After all my years of training as a leadership coach, teacher, Law of Attraction practitioner and life coach, I knew I had the tools to shift my thinking, and yet some time ago, it took MY COACH to show me that if I kept doing what I’ve always done, and making decisions based purely on ‘feelings’ without applying logic, …I would continue the cycle that I drastically needed to shift.

When presented with a challenging situation in my life or business, I walk myself through these questions.

This process, this logic made it so easy. BUT so difficult, still! It’s simple but it’s not easy. And as soon as I applied logic, NOT feelings, everything began to shift.

Now, when my ‘not perfect, not enough not worthy, if things are not perfect’ stuff comes up, I am logically applying the steps and reminding myself: “This is my story coming up. This is not me. This is not me. What is me is worthy and ready!”.

The important part of this is these words…. “This is a STORY I’m telling myself. This is not me.”

It’s not enough to just identify a story though. The real question is this:

But YOU have to be willing to take that first step. Make the choice to step OUT of the bullshit story of guilt, self-doubt and yucky energy and choose to show up in the most magical and fabulous way. Or, you can work with me and I’ll guide you on the path to shifting it for you. But there’ll still be work to do!! Obviously.

For example; in order to become the version of you who you want to be a year from now, what is possible for you to believe, dream or remind yourself of TODAY?

This is (in a nutshell!) how to begin coding in the new beliefs and creating a new story. It’s one of the things that I love helping my clients with and I just LOVE seeing the results they get…

But YOU have to be willing to take that first step. Make the choice to step OUT of the bullshit story of guilt, self-doubt, and yucky energy and choose to show up in the most magical and fabulous way. Or, you can work with me and I’ll guide you on the path to shifting it for you. But there’ll still be work to do!! Right?

Miracles CAN happen and WILL happen. Stay open, follow the Universe’s signs, trust and have faith. Marry that with the process I shared with you, and a dose of reason, logic and action and you have the formula to begin coding in new beliefs.

The life you want…it’s all coming, it’s all moving, so turn the anxiety around and transmute it into trust, possibilities and excitement. Because it’s time to becoming the person who knows she deserves it all.

Focus on a new way of showing up in the world in November and reap the rewards you have been waiting for.

This is the work I’m immersing in now. I still have some spaces for November. I’d love to hear from you.

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