Having awesome humans in your life is good for your soul

Spending quality time with people who uplift you, who inspire you and who encourage and support you are good for your Soul. Even if they live on the other side of the world, like my fabulous friend Tammy does (pictured here with me on Zoom).

We met at a Conference in the States 6 years ago. Two kindred Spirits. She gets me. She is like me, here to move forward into growth.

When I call myself to my highest, I call others around me to do the same. And vice versa. It’s up to me to be discerning for my highest good, and the good of my peers.

And along the way I actively seek out people who are awesome in their own right and who call me to my best, like Tammy does.

It requires me to hold strong in my own self worth, and to bring that to the table with equals and peers. It means finding and sticking with friends who inspire growth in me, and vice versa. And it requires a deep honesty with myself about who I am and what I really want.

All of this means that I’m continually reinventing myself because I’m worth it, and that the stretching beyond what’s comfortable is worth the boundaries. It’s not an easy road, and it requires a good deal of checking in with oneself.

“The real test of personal excellence lies in the attention we give to the often neglected small details of our conduct.” ~ Epictetus

The more I grow, the more I know this to be true. We tend to rise or fall to the level of our peers, so it serves us greatly to choose wisely.

It’s ok to be constantly evolving, to be raising the bar. After all, we’re human. And the only constant is change.

The way I see it you’re at your best when you’ve got awesome humans to share the journey with.

Thank you to all the awesome humans in my life.  I am me because you have helped me become her. And thanks to you Tammy for hanging out with me today on Zoom. Friendship like ours knows no time zones!


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