Have You Ever Been the Brunt of Someone’s Criticism?

business trip - working late frustration

business trip – working late frustration

Have you ever been the brunt of someone’s criticism? Criticising the way you are running your business, the way you spend/save/make/receive money?

One of my clients recently shared with me how her family members are constantly ‘at her’, putting her down about the money she is bringing in to her business. She’s been running her ‘helping people’ business for 18 months now, and every day, they want to know when she’s going to make ‘more’ – to the point where the pressure to make the money is affecting her ability to make it.

Another client was openly criticised on Facebook. In front of all of her ideal clients. And even though the criticism was buried amongst a significant number of likes and positive comments, the ONE comment that was critical was the one she ‘noticed.’

When these situations happened both of these heart centred entrepreneurs noticed a change in how they felt. Within a nano-second they observed the way it challenged their belief in themselves; they started to think less of themselves, question their ability and beat themselves up.

And they noticed it was doing something to their Spirit.

Why did it have this effect on them – why does it have a similar effect on you?

It’s because as a sensitive, heart-centred entrepreneur, you care. A whole lot.

You care what others think. You care what makes others happy. You feel connected to your community in a way that’s a little like a mother duck with her ducklings.

You want to get things right, to gain others approval, to be seen to be doing your best as you embark upon your journey of helping others, to be good enough.

But here’s the truth.

The people, who so flippantly criticised my clients…the people who so carelessly criticise you, are doing it because they actually don’t know any better. Their default reaction when something is ‘off’ in their mind is not to question, listen, discuss and problem solve with you. Their default is to go back to being 6 years old and ‘throw their toys around’ and go ‘what about me?’ They bring out their behaviour of being scared, alone or abandoned. And you get to be the brunt of it.

Here’s what to do:

1. Read the Four Agreements. When someone is upset with you/challenging/criticising you, realise it’s not always your stuff.

2. Accept responsibility. Consider their criticism. Take heed of any lessons or learnings in it for you. Sometimes the truth can hurt and it may be possible that some of what was said is a call for you to take responsibility and consider their perspective.

3. Remind yourself of the value and worth you DO bring to your clients. Dig into your self-belief and come back to your vision, your affirmations, your purpose. This will shift your vibration.

4. Take inspired action to shift your state – whether it’s connecting with clients, working on your sales page, writing a blog about it, or going out to a networking event. Whatever you do, ask yourself, what have I learnt from this?

5. Surround yourself with champions. The people who DO uplift, inspire and encourage you. Who will also help you see your truth and help you to raise the bar.

As a business woman on a mission, other people are here to help you grow, to push your buttons and to heal your relationship with yourself, and with money.

You’ve got this.

With oodles of belief in you!

Love Catherine xxx

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