Go Find Yourself

In 2 sleeps I fly to Bali for the 30 day iLAB Business Retreat experience – what is incredible is the timing and the ‘energy’ in which I leave…

go_find_yourselfIn the past 10 days I have had some incredible shifts. Massive, life-changing revelations, and realisations. Events have occurred in my personal life (and consequently in my business) that have allowed me to grow EVEN MORE into what I am TRULY here to experience and to BE. My heart is full and grateful and in the words of one of my Spiritual teachers ‘I have brought in the Goddess energy’ more than ever before.

Then going to Wayne Dyer’s talk in Auckland consolidated it all for me last week…and now he has passed and I see even more clearly. I have listened to his messages more deeply and will take his teachings and integrate them even more fully into my life and business.

I am feeling more complete, more certain than I have in a very long time.

I go to Bali not to find myself but to remember who I am.

I leave NZ not to seek other shores, but to remember that I have a place to come home to, that I want to come home to.

I attend iLAB seeing it for the blessing it is, not to ‘sort’ my business, but to bring more of myself to the people I am here to serve. So I can transform my business to the level she is here to BE transformed and engage my champions.

I surrender to the Divine force that aligns my life and I trust. It is only through allowing this faith that we can find what truly feels safe…it is here we can find ourselves in life’s hidden depths.

The more we allow ourselves to let go of control and just to ‘be’ the more we can show up as better leaders in our businesses. The more we can be fully present for our clients. The more our clients will resonate and engage with us.

Take a deep breath and go with the journey. It unfolds EXACTLY as it’s meant to. We need not always understand it. But we must go with it. As the path unravels your gold will be revealed.

Patience is your friend.

In the meantime, take a step today to BE in joy, DO what serves you and fills you with joy and project joy wherever you go.

Watch your business align. Watch the way you feel compelled to take inspired action. Watch the gates open and your passion thrive. That’s when the money can come because money always follows joy.

Ladies, come and join me on my FREE 30 day challenge where every day you will reminded where to find the joy in your business. I’ll be leading it with you from the iLAB 30 day Business Retreat. If I’m upleveling I want to create a space to bring you with me. This is it.

With joy,





PS: We start in a week – on September 7th and it will provide you with the step-by-step guidance for bringing in Law of Attraction, certainty, faith, trust and belief into your business – as well as practical hands-on marketing strategies and tips. And it’s my gift to you. Join me for the 30 day challenge

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