Do You Trust Yourself?

At a recent 2 day Mastermind event with my private clients, the theme I chose to use for the first day was TRUST.

What has trust got to do with ‘doing business’ you may ask?

In my opinion – EVERYTHING.

When you don’t trust yourself in business, everyday you make decisions that don’t serve you, that don’t lift you upwards, that don’t support the growth of your business or the ultimate success of your clients.

Instead, you step backwards into safety, you don’t put yourself out there, you procrastinate and you restrict the way your great work is getting out there into the world.

A client I was working with recently had a blinding flash of the obvious when she ‘got this.’ She had been letting her marketing become inconsistent, reaching out to her list or her Social Media pages, when she ‘felt like it’ not making offers and not asking for the sale. As it happens, over a short period of time she begun to see the ripple effect of that as leads dried up, her list size became stagnant and she lost enthusiasm for her work.

Her lack of belief in herself that she could ‘do it’ began to get louder in her head and the doubt she carried was debilitating her further.

She didn’t trust herself.

The #1 most powerful mindset shift you MUST make to truly ‘do it’ and finally break free of the overworking/over-giving/under-earning trap – once and for all…

Drum roll… Are you ready for it?

You don’t have to be perfect.  You just have to be on the path.

The most powerful mindset shift you MUST make is to overcome the very thought that has you wondering, “Can I REALLY do build a business that is financially IS viable, and trust myself to do this?”

Deep inside, you know you can help clients, but how can you possibly get out there in a bigger way when YOU don’t trust yourself to do it?

The truth is – you will always have MORE inner work to do to help you trust yourself. That’s how life is.

But I can almost guarantee that you are:

– at least two steps ahead of your clients.

– have a strong commitment to your own personal growth.

The truth is: if I’d waited around in my own business until I felt fully confident that I could do it, until I’d sorted out ALL of my “money stuff” and waited for it all to be perfect I wouldn’t have created my own 6 figure business, while helping hundreds of women make thousands of dollars (sometimes hundreds of thousands) along the way.

I’ll say it again… You don’t have to be perfect.  You just have to be on the path.

If you’ve been holding back because you don’t think you ‘have it’ yet, or are focused on how well others are doing rather than your brilliance, it’s time to turn that around.

Look what happens when you DO trust yourself. You focus, you’re clear, you make decisions, you take the plunge, you step forward into growth. That’s where the magic and miracles lie.

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Until then, go trust yourself and you’ll reach more people with your great work. You’ll become a magnet and you’ll find your flow.

See you on the call!

With love and magic,

Catherine xxx


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