Change of Mindset Means Change of Money

11ad85d4-a805-4e6a-8b54-624108a0bac8Wallace Wattle, in his book the Science of Getting Rich, made the point that the people who are wealthy are wealthy because they do things in a certain way.

Seven years ago I became intrigued with what that certain way was, and the women (and men) I’ve worked with in business began to fascinate me as they all had the same dilemma’s, and were going through a similar journey.

Take Amy McAuley for example.

When she first started working with me, she had been in business for about a year already. She knew in her head where she wanted to be, but she had very little belief in herself that she could actually do it. She was perplexed and she was finding it almost impossible to take herself to the next level (mostly, she came to realise, because of her beliefs and the lack of confidence in herself).

Here was a woman who was incredibly passionate about what she did, but she just didn’t think she had what it took to make her business truly thrive, to move forward.

A lot of things came to the surface as we were working on changing Amy’s results – like having to acknowledge her beliefs around money and beliefs around herself. It was all coming up as a result of the work we were doing.

“I remember having a wee mini breakdown the day before my 40th birthday as I hit the ‘Discomfort Zone’ (as Catherine calls it) big time. During that time Catherine, you did what other mentors couldn’t provide for me, and that was your invaluable talent of LOA, belief busting and manifesting that’s what I was missing!! You see I stopped believing that I could do it. At the time it was very emotional – and I’m not usually much of a crier – but it was actually part of the process I had to go through of releasing and letting go of the ‘stuff’ that wasn’t working. I was dealing with not feeling good enough, that I would never be clever enough never going make enough money – and it was doing my head in. I remember coming home and emailing you and with tears flowing down my face, writing to you and telling you I couldn’t do this anymore. It was too hard. And I’m just going to go back to what I was doing before.

You were very calm with me and you told me “you’ve hit the ‘Discomfort Zone and that this too shall pass.” You had me focus then on what I did want, instead of the void of what I didn’t want.. You gave me permission to remember – to remember what I wanted. And you had me give it focused attention. Then you said to me… now expect a miracle. The next day I woke up and the old feelings had literally disappeared, the fears that hounded me were gone. And to this day they no longer haunt me.”

What I witnessed was Amy became a manifesting machine  – BUT it came AFTER the breakdown. After she reached the ‘Discomfort Zone.’ It was when she found out what was REALLY stopping her and blocking her success, and she pushed through the fear… that was when she began to truly shine.

I’m thrilled to report that since Amy changed her thinking her business has grown from strength to strength and she’s now making 6 figures – and growing! More people are showing up at the right time including ideal customers and people who can open doors for her. She’s happier because she’s doing what she loves!

“I now see how it all happens in perfect Divine Timing and that I have released urgency. I don’t push in my business anymore, I don’t come from a place of lack, and I don’t panic anymore. Catherine has really shown me the art of allowing. And that’s huge for me! It’s completely changed my life, that’s for sure. I’m on the right path and I’m so grateful.”

The email I had from Amy that she mentions was like a Dark Night Of The Soul moment. What I had her do is to re-frame it so she came back to her intention. Back to what it is she was here for and back to her why. And when she did and she re-framed it so she could see that what she was doing was in the positive, as opposed to how she was feeling in the negative (which had her feeling like crap!) that was a real tipping point for her. In her words, “Since then I haven’t looked back.”

For those of you who are just embarking upon this journey, and are seeking change is simply this…

  • Give your steep learning curve everything you’ve got. If you give it 100% the rewards will come to you.
  • The amount of effort you put into it, will be directly concurrent to the change that you experience.
  • Take aligned action steps as you go and be open to where they lead you!
  • Get someone to help hold you accountable (they’ll be days you want to quit – don’t!).
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people who will support you on this.
  • Be committed, not just interested.
  • Get the transformation Amy did by training in my upcoming course. (If you’d like to know more click here).

Many people start feeling dubious that anyone can change them, change their thinking. But my promise to you is that, just like Amy, you WILL change. You will feel blessed to be operating from an entirely new belief system and you will start manifesting your own miracles.

It is such a privilege to see how business woman like Amy have grown and what they have achieved as a result of committing to this work. It is such a blessing to watch unfold.

To determine if my upcoming Money, Mindset and Manifesting Training is right for you click here, and then let’s chat. Who knows, with a few tweaks miracles might happen for you too!

Isn’t it time to find the Fun Way To Expand Your Business?!

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