Biggest Learning From The Problogger Conference

2015-08-15-19-04-03-300x300I’m a huge believer that as a business woman on a mission I need to surround myself with others who are on the same path of improving their marketing and their money mindset. I know my ideal heart-centred clients feel the same.

My most recent opportunity to up-skill myself was to attend Problogger in the Gold Coast.

At the Problogger conference the same message kept being touted from each of the speakers.

It was the reminder that we focus on our ONE THING.

I know that for me, the ONE thing that I could be doing better is creating a more compelling opt-in offer. One that is going to:

  • Build authority
  • Grow my audience/tribe
  • Grow my network of people
  • Encourage people to share my teachings
  • Drive more sales to my business
  • Creating momentum in my business

Your opt-in process needs to be compelling, easy to follow through, and that clearly helps people understand what you do. Then you need to drive traffic to it BIG time.

So what is the ONE THING that you know that you need to do regarding your opt-in process?

  1. Do you need to create a pdf/video/e-book/checklist or something similar that your clients will be interested in.
  2. Do you need to review, update or write/rewrite your auto responders? In the process of doing
  3. Do you need to add a pop-up to your website? what’s a pop up?
  4. Do you need to make your website opt-in mobile friendly?

2015-08-15-21-41-51-300x225Focus on your one thing and create a launch plan for making it happen… You’ll be so pleased you did.

If you need support and accountability you will LOVE our Soul Intentions Mastermind community. We hold a space for a growing tribe of gorgeous business women on a mission who want to grow their businesses and get REAL clarity.

Come and join us and get the marketing, money mindset and the confidence and let’s get you aligned with your ONE thing.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what your ONE thing is over on my Facebook Page. 

Love Catherine xxx

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