Are You Taking Responsibility?

I’m here at the 3 day Pure Prosperity Potential Retreat I’m running with my amazing clients and I have decided to share a story I have never shared before.

Why? Because if we don’t go to the places where we have our shadows we can’t grow. We can’t learn from our ‘mistakes’. And it’s from the places where we hold the shame that our greatest growth can occur. Right?

I remember the feeling of embarrassment and shame as I failed to make more that ‘just enough’ in my business and racked up more and more debt. (I gulp as I share this). 

9 years ago, I left the security of my marriage and a family business, to start my intrepid journey of ‘finding myself’ and starting my own business.

I had BIG dreams. I’m a visionary. A creative thinker.

I had completed my Law of Attraction Practitioner Certificate and trained as a Coach. I had a Bachelor of Education. A Diploma of Teaching. I’d specialised in Psychology. I knew how the mind worked.

I had had experience at running a business, having run a global importing business for 9 years. And I came from a line of entrepreneurs.

I thought it was easy.

I thought that anything was possible and that I was destined to be a great entrepreneur and the money would flow.

I thought I had this.

And then reality hit.


Within a year, I watched my entire savings dwindle. I went into debt as I lived off my credit cards, while investing in conferences, trainings & programs to fill my knowledge bank after I’d been told I had to surround myself with people who thought the same.

All the while, I was creating and launching programs that I struggled to fill.

I let it affect my self-worth.
I lost my confidence in myself.
And the money continued to disappear.

Just when things got really bad, I remember having a conversation with a successful CEO who told me that the tipping point in business often comes just as everything appears to be falling apart.

I walked away from that conversation realising that I was my own worst enemy. I had zero method to my madness – and I was denying my genius.

I was relying on luck, on chance, on blind faith. I was throwing ideas at the wall hoping that one of them would stick.

There was no structure to it and no system to the way I showed up in my business.

I was using hope as my main marketing strategy.

So I spent the next year getting serious about what my business needed.

Or at least I tried.

I told myself I had this. I talked to myself in the mirror. I read the affirmations. I reminded myself how far I had come.

But my reality was telling me otherwise.

And just when it came close to almost throwing in the towel, I got realistic… Which for a dreamer, was a BIG moment!

What did I do? I did what I knew I had to do…

I set aside time each week to pay close attention to my numbers.
I got serious about how much money I wanted to make each month and tracked it.
I identified what was working, and what wasn’t.
I got clear on what my ideal clients needed – and were willing to pay for.
I mastered the art of the close.
I disciplined myself and my time.
I meditated.
I surrounded myself with experts.
And above all else, I surrendered to how I thought things HAD to be.

I treated my business like a real business, rather than a part-time hobby. I got out of my own way.

And in the process I turned my business (and my life) around.

By the end of that year, I had 20 high level clients, 3 group programs, $26,000 in savings, and easily paid off my credit card each month.

If this sounds like a journey you’ve been on, know that you are not alone. Being an entrepreneur is one of the biggest personal development journeys you’ll go on.

When you aren’t making the money you need to keep yourself afloat or thrive, stuff comes up.  When you hit a ceiling on your income that you just can’t seem to break and your client numbers are low and/or dwindling, your feel challenged to your core.

You wonder if you are meant to be doing what you are doing. You feel close to chucking it in, as you find yourself more and more frustrated that you’re doing everything – and for what?

Here’s my question to you… Are you taking responsibility? Or are you like us in the photo and have had times in your business where you’ve not wanted to see, hear or say any evil?

If this sounds like you, you’ll love the training I’ve prepared for you to help you be in your full power of being responsible and magnificent!  This is the training/tools I needed as I started this  solopreneur journey 9 years ago.

Join me in 2017 and learn the same steps I took to turn my business around in my LIVE Elevate Training as we get you clear around accelerating your passion into a thriving and spiritually rich business with this Live 7 Module Training. the next LIVE training starts on Wednesday 18th January.

And remember, to turn your business around: set aside time each week to pay close attention to your numbers, know how much money you want to make each month and track it, identify what is working, and what isn’t, get clear on what your ideal clients need and are willing to pay for, master the art of the close, and discipline your time.

It’s absolutely possible for you to get to where you want to go.

But only if you know what to do and the order to do it in. That’s why we’ve created these programs for you. Because now more than ever, you are needed, your genius is needed and making money doing what you love is needed.

If you’re willing to do the work, I’m willing to share with you which work will lead to consistently high monthly income. Together let’s hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil when it comes to making money in your business.

With love and gratitude,

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