Are You Ready?

I spoke with a women in business earlier today and was asking her how she was doing getting her program out into the world… Knowing that above all else she was so passionate about it and really wanted to do it. She told me she that she would get her new program out there when she was ready.

What do you mean, when you’re ready? I asked…

She told me she didn’t feel like she was quite ready… That there was more to be done to get everything in order…

A powerful mindset shift that will serve you well and have you truly honour your purpose…

Drum roll… Are you ready for it?

You don’t have to be ready and it doesn’t have to be perfect. You just have to be on the path.

The most powerful mindset shift you MUST make is to overcome the very thought that has you wondering, “How can I go out and get clients when I haven’t even finished healing my own challenges?”

Deep inside, you know you can help clients, but how can you possibly get out there in a bigger way when YOU still have more healing or inner work to do? The truth is – you will always have MORE inner work to do. That’s how life is.

But I can almost guarantee that you are:

  • at least two steps ahead of your clients.
  • have a strong commitment to your own personal growth.

The truth is: if I’d waited around in my own business until ALL of my “money stuff” was cleaned up, I wouldn’t have brought in over $750K in revenue over a 4 year period, while helping hundreds of women make thousands of dollars (sometimes hundreds of thousands) along the way.

I’ll say it again… You don’t have to be perfect.  You just have to be on the path.

If you’ve been holding back because you don’t think you ‘have it’ yet, or are focused on how well others are doing rather than your brilliance, it’s time to turn that around.

Take the next step and fill your workshops, your programs, your webinars.

You’ve got this.

You can do it.

Give yourself permission. Get your good work out into the world.

You are ready.

With love and magic,







PS: If you know you are ready, but you still need a little extra support to establish your goals and make a plan, then let’s talk. Make a time and we can connect to get you the clarity and foundation you are looking for. Find out more…

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