Are You Ready To Fulfill Your Mission?

I’ve spent the day today as a Business Women As A Mission working ON and IN my business and I knocked off more tasks and got more clarity as a result.

I started the day with a big whiteboard, coloured markers, and brainstorming with my mentor, mapping out slots in 30 minute increments for client meetings or working ON my business. And I’ve buzzed my way through my day with my accountability buddy sparring me along, getting more done on this day than I have all week.  

On my podcast show recently, I shared the 11 steps I’ve used to find certain flow in my business that helps me to have days like this. It’s a topic that drew lots of interest as that’s truly what we want. Flow and freedom!!!

One of the steps I shared was of the importance of surrounding yourself with people who hold a space for you, who lift you up, who get you and who know how and when to help you and call you on your stuff (let’s face it – we ALL have ‘stuff’ right?!!).

To me getting support in my business has always been a no-brainer.

During the webinar I let the listeners know my live, interactive Mastermind opportunity I was opening up. I’m off to Bali on a 30 day Business Retreat next week, and I’m letting all my Mastermind members come and work on their businesses with me (not literally – but as a fly on the wall!). It’s going to be rather exciting as I offer the support, encouragement and education they need to get ahead!

After the webinar was over, a client, who I knew was a perfect fit for this group, Facebook messaged me after the call telling me she knew this program would deliver exactly what she needed, and yet she decided that the timing wasn’t right for her yet.

“I feel like I need to get a few more things lined up, and then I’ll be ready,”  she said.

Does that sound like something you’ve heard from clients? Or maybe it’s something you’ve said yourself!

I hear it time and time again from prospects and from clients I’m working with, and they hear it from their clients.  It’s one of the most common but also the most frustrating responses we hear, primarily because we know that if they could see that THIS will be the very thing that helps them be READY, then it will change everything.

Afterall, when the student is ready the teacher appears.

So what is it really about?

Interesting enough what’s usually behind this, I see, is an element of shame and vulnerability. Bless women for these fears and emotions. But the truth is they are very real.

Many women have a belief that they should be able to figure it out on their own, and can be wrought with feelings of shame that they’re not further along yet. Especially if there are people in her life that she feels like she needs to ‘prove’ herself too.

And this completely takes women away from their Power.

Here’s what I know to be true:

We operate BETTER when we have support. NOTHING is created alone. We are all part of the fabric of life. We are creative beings tapped into this infinite vast expanse of creative energy. Everything we create is happening in co-creation with Universal Flow.

We are always in partnership with someone or something else, whether it’s spirit or nature or another human being.  Just like it takes a male and a female to create new life, it takes more that one person to build a business. By the very nature of being in business you can’t be alone. It requires clients, team, referral sources, and many other people along the way.

We achieve our success THROUGH other people. The way the Universe co-creates with us is by providing channels through which to operate. You cannot receive a new idea, a deeper awareness, a new experience unless it’s coming through these channels. No people, no channels.

So are you TRULY ready to fulfil your mission? While the idea of “going it alone” may feel valiant, it’s simply not in alignment with the way the Universe works.

Hands down, what you really need to create success in your business is…

1.  You need a coach/mentor, someone who has walked the path before you, is absolutely essential to your success. And I’ll share a secret – anyone who IS a mentor has HAD (or HAS) a mentor. They didn’t figure it out on their own either. And they can light the and way help you avoid mistakes along the way.

2.  You need to surround yourself with an invested, supportive community. Working for yourself can be a lonely, confusing path at times – especially as women as we LOVE having people around us. Being in the energy of other people who are on the same path and who can hold you in your power, reflect to you your brilliance, and provide resources and support increases your success exponentially.

3.  You need clients. Any vision you have for your business is not complete without clients. And you need to learn and do whatever it takes to get those clients. If you don’t already know, the only way you are going to learn that is through other people.

Anything that is worth doing – any mission that you are here to fulfil – is going to be bigger than you.

And by its very nature, because it’s bigger than you, there’s just no way you can manifest it entirely by yourself, none of us do. And there’s no shame in that.

Come and join my invested, supportive community and let’s get you stepping it up to a whole new level so you can move forward with a crystal-clear plan for the rest of the year and beyond.

Click here to make a time to get 1:1 support with me (I’ve got space for 2 people to work with me at a higher level. I’m heading to a Business Retreat and we will work on YOUR business and open doors for you while I’m there! It’s going to be AMAZING!!!). Let’s talk.

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Here’s to your success!

Love and Magic,



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