A letter I’m Grateful to Write

I have just spent the last 30 days running a free Challenge to help Business-Women-On-A-Mission expand what they thought was possible for their business.

This is my letter to the Challenge itself…

Dear 30 day Business-Women-On-A-Mission Challenge,

Today we come to the end of our uncommon bond. We have climbed many hurdles in the past 30 days, but you have stuck with me and shown me so much.

You have amazed me, you have inspired me, pushed me and strengthened me.

You have been with me in my darkest hours when my brother passed, and my highest highs as I saw the tribe grow around me and fall in love with their businesses all over again.

You have enabled me to deliver rich content to these ladies in perfect divine timing, always ensuring I had the right resources and tools to offer.

You have helped me to see how easy it is to deliver with consistency, and how much a tribe can grow from this discipline.

You have given the Business-Women-On-A-Mission a place to come home to. A place to BE. A sacred space to allow their greatest fears and their most astounding successes to come through.

You have reminded me that givers gain. The joy I have felt from delivering this Challenge has been some of my happiest moments in business.

You have shown me that there are some who feel compelled to continue the journey and created a place for them to come to.

You have allowed me to remind the ladies that it’s never too late to find your flow in your business, to be reminded of the wisdom you hold within about what you do and who you serve, and to be finally see where the abundance in your business lies.

You have gifted us with the vehicle to help this tribe to find their wealth from within, while gleaning all the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from my experience at iLAB, as well as the experts I have learnt from.

The idea came to birth you, in a dream. I listened. I’m so glad I did.

It really was 30 days to better.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I wonder what miracle awaits?

Love Catherine xxx

PS: If you’re reading this and you’re curious about what else is possible for you in your business…Come and find your wealth from within, while gleening all the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from my experience at iLAB, as well as the experts who will join us.

9 weeks to better. We’ll finish the year with you committing to and completing a Plan for your offers and the steps to integrate it in. We start on October 13th.

This is your invitation to join us.

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