Are you an entrepreneur, leader or high achieving individual ready to improve your vision and achieve a greater level of success?

Then let me show you how to create specific strategies on how to create your own business and personal success.

“I believe everyone – CEO’s, leaders, and entrepreneurs – have the ability to grow personally and professionally, take responsibility and ultimately create success that breeds success.

That’s exactly what will happen through not only showing people what to do; but also, more importantly, teaching them how to think.

Introducing Catherine Newton 

The Speaker

Since 2007, I have spoken to over 5,000 people on various subjects including leadership, marketing, info-preneuring, business and personal growth and using the Universal principles that Napoleon Hill talks about, to create success. I am passionate about passing on my successes to others and teaching entrepreneurs, leaders and high achieving individuals to improve their vision and achieve success.  I am considered both a motivational speaker and a business speaker.

The Educator

I am the founder and CEO of mentoring, training and coaching firm, Catherine Newton International with more than 2,000 students worldwide. In the last five years I have gone from strength to strength by first changing my thoughts and then doing exactly what I now do for others; finding a mentor and following their steps to success and happiness. I am currently being mentored by George Ross (Donald Trump’s right hand man) and serial entrepreneur Dr. Nido Qubein.

The Mentor

I was named International Mentor of the Year at last year’s Top One Awards in Los Angeles, USA.  I serve as mentor to leaders and high achievers sharing my extensive business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to help their companies grow and thrive. I serve on the Board of Directors for one of the world’s largest and most recognized coaching and mentoring companies Top One International.

After working with thousands of entrepreneurs the world over, I have become known as The Entrepreneurial Success Coach.

The Award Winner

In just four years I have built up my business, to the point where I was nominated for this coveted award (as above) and was also a finalist in the Entrepreneur of the Year and Best Overall Business categories, competing against entrepreneurs from around the world.

The Workshop Leader

My business is targeted particularly to entrepreneurs and business owners, providing trainings, presentations, workshops and online-seminars focused on helping leaders play a bigger game and are focused on how to improve their vision and achieve success.

The Author

I am the co-author of Amazon Best-seller ‘Over-comers Inc’ and the author of the training systems Your Life Enriched and Gain Clarity, Clients and Cash-flow and Your Money Blueprint.

My name is Catherine Newton. I’m an internationally award winning coach, entrepreneurial business expert, Law of Attraction practitioner, and master educator and trainer.

If you are:

  • Ready to be the leader you want to be while creating massive momentum
  • Wanting to identify with absolute precision what it is you really want
  • Seeking the proven tools and strategies to help you follow through
  • Curious to discover how to permanently break through the self-sabotage that may be holding you back.

Then you owe it to yourself, your family and your company to find out how to solve these problems now.

 Imagine resolving problems in minutes, not years, saving you a lot of expensive guesswork, trial and error, wasted money, energy and time.

Become a force for success, change and leadership

Discover the 9 steps for lasting change and visionary success…and learn how to get to the next level in your business and in your life.

Take my 20 years of researching, studying and putting into practice everything that I now teach and speak to my clients about. Let me show you how you can turn your life and business around, attract powerful business relationships and sky-rocket your success.

Through applying the techniques that now I teach, I can show you HOW to achieve success in your business and in your life; so you can create a vision of success.

How Do I Do It?:

With the same tools and strategies that I now share with you and other like-minded entrepreneurs. I have helped thousands of others transform their results.

I talk about change in an enlightening and transformational way so that audiences actually want to change for the better! Whether it is inspiring CEO’s or changing the mindset of an individual, you will be inspired.

Want to stop struggling and start enjoying your business more?


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I’m looking forward to sharing this important information with you!

Here’s to your success!

Catherine X